Open 7 days a week
Every day we work so that you have the opportunity to rest

We are often asked why Yama? Translated from Japanese, YAMA is a mountain. So we decided to conquer the top of sushi bars in our city. This is certainly a cool story, but it is not entirely true. We just dreamed of starting our own business, creating a quality product, and now it's hard to say the exact origin of this name. Once upon a time, this is how we gave the name to an imaginary sushi bar and did not change it. To date, we have not just conquered this "mountain", we have become #1!

Our goal is better quality.

Bringing food delivery to the same high standards as in expensive restaurants is the main principle of YAMA's work. Therefore, we approach your orders with all seriousness. After all, what we cook is not just food. It is part of the most interesting cultures of the world. We prepare dishes according to authentic recipes so that you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Why should you visit us?

We carefully select and combine only the best ingredients in our roles so that each of our customers is 101% satisfied


First and foremost, freshness and quality, we use over 1000kg of salmon every month and we buy most of the ingredients for our rolls every day


A huge assortment of Japanese, Thai and author's cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent!

Our recommendations:
We advise you to use the rolls within 3 hours after receiving them
We do not recommend consuming rolls on an empty stomach
We do not recommend eating dishes containing fresh fish for pregnant women and children under 12 years of age